20 Adventure-Inspiring Photos of Cuba

January 7, 2018Blog, Cuba

In November 2016 I took advantage of the easing of U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba and spent a week exploring the Caribbean island. I visited Santa Clara, Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, encountering beautiful culture and scenery, plus a wildly different standard of development and daily life than I’m used to. Here are some scenes from … Read More

Planning a Trip to Cuba: Your Questions Answered

March 17, 2017Blog, Cuba

Traveling to Cuba¬†awesome, but it’s work. It’s more backpackery and rugged than most Americans are used to. Think dirty cities (like, severed pigs heads sitting on the street corner), a decent amount of hustling for taxis (and pens…), diesel cars whose fumes fill the city air and can make long rides dizzying. Poverty. Dilapidated buildings … Read More