Downtown Los Angeles Travel Guide

February 27, 2014Blog, California, Travel Guides

  In February 2014 I traveled to Los Angeles for a conference. I had one extra day to explore Downtown L.A. Here’s what I did: Bradbury Building: A quick stop in the lobby is all you need to appreciate the elaborate ironwork and elegant architecture of this 19th century building. Walt Disney Concert Hall: You … Read More

Is Rio Safe?

September 28, 2013Articles, Blog, Brazil, Travel Guides

Safety was my main concern when visiting Rio de Janeiro. I’d heard stories of muggings from people who’d visited, advice from former residents to avoid hills and the beach at night, and terrible accounts of attacks on tourists on public transit. Overall, I didn’t feel as safe as I do wandering around New York. You … Read More

Where to Eat in New York

July 18, 2013Blog, New York City, Travel Guides

I’m terrible at remembering where I dined, and with so many restaurants in New York (and a revolving door of newcomers and outgoers) it was always a bit overwhelming to be tasked with choosing where to eat. In order to help people visiting the city — or other New Yorkers drowning in choices — here’s … Read More

Favorite Bars in New York

July 17, 2013Blog, New York City, Travel Guides

There are plenty of things to do in New York, but there’s one thing New Yorkers do with more regularity than anything else: drink. No one really has room to host get-togethers in their apartments, so bars become the de-facto social scene. Plus if you live in New York, you’re inevitably stressed, overworked, overcrowded, and … Read More

Peek Travel Guide: Las Vegas

May 4, 2013Las Vegas, Travel Guides

Published in June 2013 on || Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is an oasis of man-made fun. For many, gambling is the first thing that comes to mind, and it should be—here you’ll find the most elaborate and highest stakes casinos in the country, and betting games are everywhere—even … Read More

Peek Travel Guide: Boston

April 20, 2013Boston, Travel Guides

Published in April 2013 on || Colonial charm with a distinctive New England flavor encapsulates this waterfront Massachusetts city. Cobbled streets meander past historic buildings, many of which have stood guard since before Paul Revere made his fateful ride through the land. But it’s not all about the past in Boston; the city is … Read More

Peek Travel Guide: Top Things to Do in Miami

April 4, 2013Articles, Florida, Travel Guides

Published in April 2013 on || If there’s one word that describes Miami, it’s heat. From bronzed bodies on South Beach to a sizzling nightlife scene to a sunny tropical climate, this city is all about spicing things up. A diverse mix of Latino cultures creates a melting pot of voices and flavors; you’re just … Read More