Traveling for Work? 7 Hotel Amenities You Didn’t Realize You Need

February 18, 2016Articles, Creator

February 18, 2016 on Creator by WeWork || Travelers who checked into certain Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, and Marriott rooms have been noticing something different recently. The desk in their rooms is missing. Well, “missing” depends on whom you ask. The furniture choice was intentional, as many hotels have introduced desk-free rooms and more communal … Read More

8 D.C. Food Trucks You Need to Follow

February 8, 2016Articles, Creator, Washington DC

February 8, 2016 on Creator by WeWork || Like other cities with a large population of car-free young professionals, D.C. is riding the food truck wave. Hungry lunchers can find them parked around places like Farragut Square, Metro Center, and Union Station, while other trucks bop around the city and require some sleuthing to track down. … Read More

What the Heck is ‘Bleisure’ Travel, and How Can You Do It?

January 28, 2016Articles, Creator

January 28, 2016 on Creator by WeWork || Bleisure: It’s the Kimye of the business travel world. The marriage of business travel with leisure time is one of travel’s biggest trends these days (and one of its most unfortunate terms). Put simply, “bleisure” travelers take advantage of a meeting or work event in another destination, and carve … Read More

D.C.’s Best Bars for Closing Business Deals

January 20, 2016Articles, Creator, Washington DC

January 20, 2016 on Creator by WeWork || Meeting clients for drinks? Your late night Fireball-soaked bar isn’t going to cut it. These D.C. power spots are great places to impress your colleagues—with views, booze, and a history of making deals. See full article>>

Traveling Solo? Make Sure You Download These Apps

January 13, 2016Articles, Creator

January 13, 2016 on Creator by WeWork || Most of us will travel alone at some point. Many will do it more often than not. It might be a client meeting in another city. A conference overseas. Or that bucket-list vacation that you’re taking even though none of your friends can get time off. Whatever … Read More

How to Work From Almost Anywhere

October 7, 2015Articles, Creator

October 7, 2015, Creator by WeWork || Tap a button, and you can chat with someone in Shanghai. Email someone in Milan. Tweet to someone in Vancouver. And you can do this from anywhere; from your office in New York, from a beach in Thailand, or from a mountain in the French Alps. As the … Read More