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Published July 9, 2014 on MapQuest || The cult of pizza is sacred in New York. Ask New Yorkers what the best pizza is and you’ll get a passionate, but varied, response from each person. There are lists and blogs dedicated to the search for pizza gold, and there’s rarely a consensus. My own quick poll of Facebook friends resulted in 19 different nominations.

When I lived in the city, pizza was a central part of my life. Rosario’s filled my stomach at 4 a.m. after a night of dancing; Bellini’s delivery settled it during next-day hangovers. 2 Bros’dollar slices were a lunch lifeline to offset my soul-crushing apartment rent. Ray’swas such a late-night fixture for me and my circle that two of my friends stopped there the night they got engaged to share the happy news with their regular slice server.

I had a pizza for every occasion, yet I had managed to chomp my way through six years of New York living without trying the city’s revered “best.” Read more…

The New York City Pizza Crawl is part of MapQuest’s summer travel series: 99 Summer Travel Quests


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