2016 Holiday Travel Gift Guide

November 8, 2016Articles, Marriott

November 2016 on Marriott Traveler  || Holiday shopping season is upon us, and you’re probably well on your way to making a list and checking it twice. If you planned ahead, your gift-buying was taken care of months ago with awesome local mementos and souvenirs you picked up on your travels … Wait, you didn’t remember … Read More

Holiday Travel Survival Guide

October 25, 2016Articles, Marriott

October 2016 on Marriott Traveler || Delayed. Delayed. Delayed. Delayed. If you’re gearing up to travel this holiday season, that is the last word you want to see on the airport departures board. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to try to avoid some of the season’s biggest transportation nightmares. We checked in with Marriott Rewards Insiders and other frequent … Read More

The 7 Best U.S. National Parks for Wildlife Spotting

September 10, 2016Articles, U.S. News, USA

September 10, 2016 on U.S. News Travel || As the U.S. National Parks Service celebrates its Centennial this year, there’s a lot of buzz around the country’s incredible natural resources. And to many (if not most) of the millions of visitors to these natural wonders, the most exciting part of a trip to the national … Read More

Baseball Fanatic? Here’s Your Dream Road Trip

July 26, 2016Articles, Marriott, Travel Guides, USA

July 2016 on Marriott Traveler || You’re a baseball stat wunderkind, not unlike Jonah Hill’s character in “Moneyball.” So your ultimate summer road trip has to be all about baseball, beer, and modern Americana. If you’re in the Midwest, the drive from Chicago through Ohio and Kentucky and on to St. Louis is a must. You’ll … Read More

Take Your Costa Rica Adventure to the Next Level: Hit the Road

July 13, 2016Articles, Central America, Costa Rica, Itineraries, Marriott, Travel Guides

July 2016 on Marriott Traveler || This ain’t your minivan family road trip. Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is beautiful — with lush wildlife-stuffed rain forests, picturesque beaches, secluded hotels and adrenaline-fueled activities like zip lining and surfing (oh, and a volcano along the way). But driving here is a bit more complicated than your standard cruise … Read More

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Hawaiian Island

May 21, 2016Articles, Hawaii, U.S. News

May 21, 2016 on U.S. News Travel || First, let’s get one thing straight: There’s no wrong Hawaiian island. All six of the major islands in the chain have the ingredients for paradise: stunning beaches, awe-inspiring scenery and a warm aloha spirit that’s palpable the moment you step off the plane. That said, depending what you’re … Read More